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 How We Help
 How We Help
 How We Help

1000jobsHaiti was founded in 2008 with one purpose – to fight extreme poverty in Haiti by working to create sustainable jobs at fair wages.

Since unemployment and underemployment affect over 75% of the Haitian population and are the main causes of the grinding poverty so pervasive in Haiti, it makes sense to us to attack these twin social and economic maladies directly by focusing our resources on job creation. Thus all our programs have the same goal – job creation.

Philanthropic Shopping for a Cause
When working with women’s groups, who do artisanal work, our focus is on the long term sustainability of the job. Thus we measure our results not only by the number of jobs provided in a project, but also by the progress toward sustainability of the activity. We are not in the charity business. We are in the opportunity business. Instead of, or in addition to making a charitable donation to Haiti, you can now shop for the philanthropic cause of supporting the working women there to thrive, not just survive.

The faces that you see on this website are the faces of our partners in this work – not the recipients of charity.

  • The mission of 1000jobsHaiti is to fight poverty by assisting in the creation of sustainable jobs at just wages.
  • This should be accomplished not as traditional top-down charity, but by working in partnership with groups and individuals in Haiti whose dream it is to improve their lot through their own efforts and creativity.
  • While our role involves marketing, finance, consulting, networking and organizational development, the success of our job creation projects depends on the hard work, perseverance and imagination of our partners in Haiti, who truly own the results.
  • All our projects must have the possibility of becoming self-sustaining economically, reward the associates with just salaries and wages, and be environmentally sound.

Buck and Lucy Close have been involved in Haiti on different levels for several decades .   Buck first visited there in 1966 at the tender age of 16.  He was inspired by the people, who had such remarkable spirit in spite of their staggering need .  He began supporting the work of the Salesian Sisters throughout the country and has ever since.

In 2009 after 38 years of marriage, the Closes decided to have a more active role in their support and to focus their efforts on job creation.  Their projects have included water sources for schools, translation hubs for emergency rescue teams after the earthquake, two types of building block manufacturing and the ongoing projects at the feminine co-operatives in the Central Plateau.  Lucy made 26 trips to Haiti over 3 years to develop design and set up quality control and systems for production of the embroidered products she markets and sells stateside at vending events and through the internet.

In cooperation with Haiti Projects they are sponsoring several new projects. They include a beekeeping project and sanitary pad production by women in the Central Plateau. They also support a learning project for 6 teams of school children in the Fond des Blancs area, who work together and compete to learn math and science through the use of a robotic Lego system. The same program is in place at the Salesian Sisters’ school in Cap Haitien.  In 2015 this team won the Haitian competition and went to St. Louis to compete in the World Championship.